Puppy Picasso - Company Message
Your dog can be an artist, too!
Puppy Picasso is dedicated to taking the unconditional love you have for your pet to a whole new level.  Is your fur baby the next Picasso, Monet, Da Vinci, or Pollock?
I have many photographs of my dog, but I wanted something more, something original and special.  My parents still have my kindergarten hand prints on the refrigerator.  Why not my baby's paws on canvas?
There's a little artist in all of us...human and canine alike.
Contact us today for an appointment!  You can fill out the Contact Us form on this website, call at 985-381-3602, e-mail at ginnyfisher@mypuppypicasso.com, or send a message on Facebook.

Don't forget to check out the Puppy Picasso Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mypuppypicasso.

Also, follow Puppy Picasso on Instagram @puppypicasso and Twitter @ginmfish.  

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